Visit the EBAss website

Applicant visits the EBAss website

View the Requirements for Certification

Applicant views requirements for certification “Pathways to certification”

Contact the President of Accreditation Committee

Applicant contacts the Accreditation Committee

Confirmation of EBAss membership status

Accreditation Committee confirms applicants EBAss membership status

Provide Required Evidence

Applicant provides required evidence; to

The President then Contacts the Applicant

Accreditation contacts the applicant informing them of examination costs and options for payment

Confirmation of payment

On confirmation of payment Accreditation emails the applicant with required access code and login details for the exam


Applicant accesses the exam via EBAss website exam inputting their required details and sits the exam

Online examination


Accreditation then emails the applicant with their result and any guidance necessary

Successful applicants

Successful applicants who also provide required evidence of successful completion of the practical requirements will then be issued with EBAss/ECB certification at the appropriate level

Flowchart to EBAss/ECB Hyperbaric Accreditation