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Organising the next General Assembly – Workshop – Board of Directors

It was decided that the venue for workshop meetings could be held not only at facilities where board of directors members work, rather it should be possible for any members to propose their facility as a venue for the EBAss meetings. Organization of EBAss workshops: 350 euros to any person – facility who decides to be responsible for the next workshop.

Message to all experienced hyperbaric chamber personnel

Please remember that your certificate is valid for two years. To be eligible for renewal you need to provide evidence that you have been working at a hyperbaric centre for at least 200 hours. But you also need to provide evidence of continuing professional development during the previous 2 years. This can be achieved by attending the annual EBAss meetings, and/or attending other relevant congresses.

Scholarship for EBAss members

The EBAss Board has decided to establish a scholarship to support the annual presentation at a national or international convention of a study case on one or more hyperbaric oxygen related topics: training, safety hyperbaric, quality assurance. Currently Unavailable