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Full members of EBAss are divided into several categories.

Membership Categories

FEES Become a member NOW
1. Full member individual: This full member is a “physical” person who works as part of the baromedical staff in an hyperbaric centre in Europe.

The staff members of the hyperbaric facilities, who are also associate members, will receive a discount on their membership of 10 euros per year. Choose the 3rd or the 4th option.

2. Full member individual: Two years circle. 50
3. Staff members – also associate members. 10
4. Staff members – also associate members: Two years circle. 20
5. Associate member – correspondent (physical person): This associate member is: a) a “physical” person who works as part of the baromedical staff in an hyperbaric centre and who doesn’t live in Europe or, b) a “physical” person who works as physician in an hyperbaric centre or, c) a “physical” person showing a real interest for baromedical science. 25
6. Associate member – correspondent (association): This associate member is any non-European association representative of the baromedical staff which mandates one of its members. 100
7. Associate member – Corporate Member (body corporate and hyperbaric facilities): This associate member is a a body-corporate showing a real interest for baromedical science. 250

If you are also interested in participating in the certification process

Membership expiry date should be the same year as certificate expiry date. For example, if certificate renewal is until June 2023 and application is submitted April 2021, member fees need to be paid in advance (for the next 2 years).

You can also use money transfer :

Registration Fee
To be paid on the account of  EBAss
IBAN: GB57 BUKB 20681533330265
BIC: BUKBGB22 (identification of the bank)
Address: Barclays Business Banking, PLYMOUTH, UK.

*please email receipt of bank transfer to info@ebass.org