EBAss Job descriptions

Description of function

Board of Directors

Duties and responsibilities





General duties
and responsibilities

There are certain general duties and responsibilities that all board members should adhere to, no matter their particular position on the board.

1. President

Shall be the chief executive officer of the association and preside at all board meetings.

Coordinate, Chairs, Recommends

2. Vice-president

Required to support and assist the president in execution of the scientific and business affairs.

Supports, assists, serves

General Treasurer

Shall be the custodian of funds of the association and shall be responsible for the collection of members’ dues.

Financial reports, records

General Secretary

Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of the organization’s records.

Legal documents, membership record


Transmission /communication between the various levels of the structure.

Transmission, secretarial work


They will have access to the accounts at least one month, before the general Assembly.

Audit the accounts and report

Board of Directors

Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the organization’s mission and programs.

Attend, contribute, organize

President of the Accreditation Committee

Process applications of individuals to attain ECHCO and ECHRN accreditation.

Applications, accreditation, certification

President of the Communication Committee

Collaborates with executive committee to develop and implement an effective communications strategy.

Writes, edits, distributes content

President of the Safety Committee

Works to promote safety awareness and safe work practices in the workplace.

European, International standards,

President of the Education Committee

Provides current information on available educational opportunities.

Research, education events.

Local Representative

Supports members at National level with any enquiries and acts as an advocate.

Mentor, networking

It’s not about job, It’s about ‘VOLUNTEERING’!

You are giving back to the EBAss, expanding your network of peers and colleagues, and making a difference in your community.


European Certified Hyperbaric Professionals


Training Centers (some of them at your own language)


Corporate Members

1st Approach We Follow


We combine a relaxed, informal approach to problem solving with lateral thinking. We encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that can, at first, seem not so creative.

2nd Approach We Follow

Project Workflow

Some of these ideas can be crafted into original, creative solutions to a problem, while others can spark even more ideas. In one way or another, each idea results in a presentation of new approaches.

3rd Approach We Follow

Support to our Colleagues

Understanding the importance of support in the workplace, the benefits from helping our colleagues and how to go about the process, we help you become a better professional and boost your knowledge.

Submission of expression of interest