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EBAss General Assembly – PORTO 21st October 2017

Safety Manager Course – PORTO 17-18-19 October 2017

Incidence of Decompression Illness Survey

  • The EBAss is collecting information on decompression illness in multiplace chamber attendants. Please take a few moments to complete the survey!


  • You are invited to participate in a web-based online survey on the Incidence of  Decompression Illness in the Inside Attendant.

Take the Survey

EBAss Educational Videos

It has been found that videotaped modeling and distraction techniques could be very helpful in reducing distress and improving patients’ compliance with HBO therapy.

You can find here educational videos in relation to HBOT or you can upload videos that you are already using at your facility by sending an email at: info@ebass.org.

Share you knowledge – improve your hyperbaric practices!



Its goal is to evaluate all European educational programs and deriving from this a European standardization of education for nurses, operators and technicians working in the baromedical field. Our efforts have resulted in a proposal to the ECHM and are posted here.

Chairman: Konstantina Gaitanou


The goal of this committee is to research safety in the field of baromedical medicine, in order for the members of EBAss to incorporate these in their daily practices.

Chairman: Peter Kronlund


Its goal is to set up an efficient communications network for all nurses, operators and technicians working in the baromedical field, so they can get in contact with other baromedical personnel.

Chairman: Damianos Tzavellas 


The goal of this committee is to provide independent accreditation, providing an accepted route for individuals to attain internationally recognised qualifications in the field of baromedical medicine.

Chairman: Peter Atkey